Cash-Flow Planning - UprightKeep

Most of us can improve our financial outcomes dramatically by making small changes to the way we manage our personal cash flow. While cash flow monitoring is the first steps to creating a surplus and getting on top of the mortgage and other debt, it takes more than a budgeting planner to achieve real results. We can help you by providing regular reports and updates on how you are tracking, helping you to adjust when needed to achieve your desired goals.

The outcomes may be dramatic, saving literally thousands in interest and tax costs as well as taking much of the stress out of home ownership.

Did you know that if you invest $10 per day for 40 years you would have invested a total of $146,000 over that time of which would be worth a total of $1.92 million dollars assuming you invest monthly with a rate of investment return of 10%p.a after fees and taxes. However, if you started saving $13 per day 10 years later you would have invested a total of $142,350 of which would be worth only $893,835 using the same growth assumptions.

This is why we are so passionate about helping you understand exactly where the money is going, how it should be structured, and how a strong financial plan may improve your results.

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